What is SEO? (Search engine optimization)

Hello and welcome, in another article today we will talk about what is SEO and how to do it? Why does man need it, although I have talked about it before it is available in English word if you want to read it then you can read it. In today’s article, we will try to know completely what SEO is and where and why we need it.

Hello friends, my name is Viswanath Sahu and I am a professional blogger, I started my blogging life from 2014 and till date I am dependent on it, all my expenses come from this.

I hope that you will also master this work like me and show success in your life, so let’s know about What is SEO without wasting any time let’s start this post.

What is SEO?

What is SEO? Search engine optimization
What is SEO? Search engine optimization

In the English word SEO , it is called “Search Engine Optimization “, now after hearing this name, do not make an image of any vehicle or any motor in your mind.

Actually it is a word for Google or any search browser, meaning there is a name which is called SEO, every search browser that is available on the Internet, whether it is legal or illegal, SEO works in the same way for all of them.

It actually helps the search browser to identify the crawlers or test things, although even without SEO, the search engine can detect the changes, but it takes a lot of time and many times it happens that the search engine itself Being distracted removes any good website from the search category.

If SEO is done well in a website, then it will always indicate the same thing and the search engine will also accept this thing and will help it to reach the rooted people quickly.

Understand in simple debate, SEO only gives a signal to the search engine about the content present in the website and the search engine understands it through this, and it has nothing to do with the website ranking.

Whether your website will get a ranking or not, the search engine will decide whether your content is worthy of ranking or not. “What is SEO”

How to do SEO?

To complete SEO completely, you need some things and I want to inform you in advance that if you do not do what I have told in this article or leave some things, then it is your Mistakes will happen and this will reduce SEO.

So you are requested to follow the instructions that Hamm is telling you, so let’s know how SEO is done and what you have to do.

The first step, SEO

What is SEO
What is SEO

A lot of things are needed to complete SEO, one of which is hosting means server, this is the first stage of SEO in which the server is an important part.

If you have a good web-server then you can rest assured because a good server makes SEO of your website easy.

good server makes the operation of the website more credible, as well as people, are more willing to use it. “What is SEO”

If your website opens faster than others, then Google or any other search engine will like you more and your website will rank at the top.

That’s why Hosting ie Server plays an important role in SEO. And you should also take a good hosting bud also cheap or low priced content can put you in problem.



A right platform gives you different benefits like Blogger and WordPress, there is a lot of difference between these two and both the platforms are also used the most.

But the problem is that nothing mufti can provide you with more things that a paid platform can provide you.

But in our India, all the people like to root for free material, because it is taught to them from childhood that how to spend less money and get more profit.

What is SEO? Search engine optimization
What is SEO? Search engine optimization

And as people grow up, this thing makes a home in their mind that we do not have to spend money, if things are available for free, then what can be a better thing than this.

But people who have such a desire can never achieve success in life, in such a situation, thousands of videos which are available on YouTube also tell that there is not much difference between Blogger and WordPress, website ranking does on both sides.

But this is not the truth, Blogger or other platforms like it, which provide service for free, are only for learning, and this blogger himself says that if you want to learn then we are also available for you for free.

But people do not understand that the website or its SEO is not complete with the installation of just one theme, for this you have to do both hard work and cost. “What is SEO”

If you have to correct SEO in your website, then you have to resort to a good and best platform which is WordPress or many other platforms like it. All the links are given below.

  • Wix
  • Big commerce
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Avantecart
  • Hub Spot
  • Shopify
  • Ghost
  • Magneto

Using a good theme.

Do you know why people are short of money? Because they are afraid to invest means they are afraid to invest in such a place from where they do not see the immediate benefit.

Therefore, to know that people spend all their money in useless work, I also provided money to 6 people to buy hosting, and after 2 days 4 people again asked for money from me.

Because he had spent that money on his girlfriend, people do not back down to spend on his girlfriend because they know that something is going to be returned in return and that is not what I need.

But if the time comes to invest in your work, then at this time people see only free things, but if you want to master SEO and take your website to the top, then you need a better theme. should be used.

If you do not have that much money so that you can buy a theme officially, then you can also use GPL theme, in which you will not get license but they will work in the same way as a premium theme works.

“This was some of the things that you need before making a website, but now let’s talk about how to start doing SEO”

Beginning of SEO.

What is SEO? Search engine optimization
What is SEO? Search engine optimization

SEO starts with the writing of the article and all the things are present inside it, so let’s know how you should write your article that too with full SEO .

  • First of all, you have to write Heading / Title in your article, but keep in mind that in the title you are writing, you should have a number, a power word and the name of your article.
  • SEO is incomplete without them, if you still do not understand, then you can see the title of our own article.
  • After the title comes the paragraph of your article, try that every paragraph of yours is hurt.
  • If there is a heag after the paragraph, then it will be difficult for people to understand and Google will also have trouble understanding what you have written, so keep the paragraph short.
  • After this, you have to add some link in your article, like if there is a word inside your article that most people do not know about, then you add that word with its correct information, if you do not have any such link. So you can write an article about it yourself and add it to your article.
  • After adding the link, you will have to make some images, but keep in mind that with the number of your words, the number of your image should also be equal.
  • Now you can use Content Ai to find out, although it is not so important and Content Ai is also limited, but you will have minor problems in the beginning, later you will start to understand everything.

Note: Do not copy any key which is already present in Google or any other website, doing so reduces the right number of your article. “What is SEO”

Image can say everything about your article, from one image you can extract complete information about it, so you should make the image well, and for this you can use free website like Canva.com.

  • After this, you have to write the description in your article, this description indicates that your article is about, and Google’s bots also see the same thing and determine the category of your article, so writing a good description gives SEO a Takes a step further.
  • After this you also have to write some tags related to your article, this tag you can write the words related to the main word of your article, this will make the SEO of your article more sure.
  • Now you have to create some category in your website which is called Category in English, this category is another step of your article by which your article points to a specified word.
  • Just if you follow all these things properly then there will be no reduction in SEO of your website.

What does SEO mean?

In simple language, this is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), its full form or meaning which is a message system for any search engine.

How to do Search Engine Optimization?

I have already told you about this, follow the instructions of the article of God.

What are the main stages of SEO process Explain on-site and off-site of technical SEO?

Actually now there is nothing like on site and off site SEO, it is just a fact made by those people who want to mislead people.

Because this leads to the sale of their courses and they earn money from it, in today’s time there are many people who do not even know how to make a website, nor their website ranks in Google, but their ocean of knowledge is huge. But it is of no use.

It would be better that you do not fall in their cycle and take care of your work. What is SEO

Is SEO always changing?

Yes, SEO can never be permanent, it is always changing but not as fast, you do not need to be afraid.

Once you will start to understand everything about the work you start doing, whenever there is a change in SEO, it is also informed to the top.

What is the best SEO strategy?

The best SEO strategy I have told you in detail in this article, please follow it carefully.

Where do I see SEO tutorials for beginners?

There are many platforms, some can be taught by paying and some are available absolutely for free, but the best way is not to spend any money to learn SEO, you learn it for free.

The best way is this article from which you can learn or you can start learning slowly by working on your own.


How to do “What is SEO” is a question that is very difficult to answer, but as I have told you in this article, if you follow it, then you will understand the rest of the things yourself.

Still, if you feel that we have left out writing about such a question, then you can talk to us or if you have any question in your mind, you can also ask us about it. Haim meets in another article until Haim leaves.

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