What is blogging? How to do blogging?

Hello friends, welcome to you in another Hindi article of India e-visa, for the information of all of you, we want to tell you that now all the articles in India e-visa will be made available up to date and that is why we are going to tell you today what is Blogging? That is, what is the meaning of blogging and why do it and how is it done, in this article of today, we are going to keep all the information in front of you, which will help you to know what blogging is, so friends without wasting time. Let’s start.

What is blogging?

What is blogging
What is blogging

Blogging means to reach the content on the Internet to the people through any website, that means any person can reach that article to the people by creating a free blog/ website and posting his own article in it and in return that person also earns some profit. could.

Understanding in simple language, blogging is a kind of weblog from which the Internet is made and every blogger who works on his website and reaches the information to the people, he helps in creating the internet.

The definition of blogging can be said that it is also a kind of online earning method, which helps a person in work from home, but love does not mean that you will reach people by writing an article in any forum. It will be given the status of Blogging, to do this there are some designated platforms, using which you can create your own blog in the right way.

Now if this question has come to your mind that how to do blogging? So we have told about it in detail below, please read that information carefully.

How to do blogging?

What is Blogging? You have known this and now you know how to do “What is Blogging”, for blogging you first have to choose a platform with the help of which you can establish your blog and for this there are many platforms available on the Internet, such as Blogger.com and WordPress etc., and both these platforms are the best to create any blog.

If you want to start a blog for free, then you can do it in both Blogger and WordPress , but my advice is that you should invest a little, so that your blog can provide the best things.

To make a good blog, we recommend that you use WordPress because it provides most of the things and it is also very easy to use, but for this you will have to buy a domain and at the same time you will also need hosting.

Although you can create a blog even without a domain, but it is not so effective, so you should really do “What is Blogging” because people say that what you see is sold, and the same thing While proving it, we recommend you to buy Domain and Hosting.

To buy a good hosting or to know more about it, you can also read our this article, if you already have a platform available then you can also use it, but keep in mind that all your content is good and durable. should be.

After buying Hosting and Domain, you should create a beautiful website or blog and for this you can take the help of those people who are skilled in this work, do not hesitate to take help because the place of Guru is the best in our India. You can also make your own guru.

If you want to learn this from us, then of course you can also watch our YouTube video, we will be happy to help you with “What is Blogging”

A good and sustainable blog attracts people to itself and it can be a golden opportunity for you that people read your blog the most, the more people come to read your blog, the more profit you will get.

What is Blogger?

Blogger: Any person who creates a blog and reaches out to people through it is called a blogger, although even in today’s time, the number of bloggers is very less because most people do not have knowledge about it, and people use it. Recognize as a waste of time.

But for your information, let us tell you that there is a lot of money in blogging and the life of bloggers is not so easy, to earn money from a blog, a person has to work hard and also have to maintain patience.

After working in the same place and in the same way for years, a person gets himself entered, if you want to become a successful blogger then it is not going to be so easy for you “What is Blogging”

The work of blogging can be accomplished only with complete loyalty and trust, which is not in everyone’s power to complete it successfully. “What is Blogging”

Types of Blogging?

What is blogging

Actually, there are 2 types of blogging, one is those which people do only for their pleasure and the other which is done only to earn money or to promote your product, if you have not understood this then we will give you bed. Trying to explain.

Personal Blogging:

It is done by those people who have the pleasure of writing and who create any website for their friends or to complete any of their personal work, it may be that just to congratulate someone online, they have to send good wishes.

Like, suppose that today is your friend’s birthday and you cannot reach him and that is why you have created a blog where you are giving that blog link by writing your own mind and your friend opens that link. Only you can recognize the feeling of your mind, this type of blog is called personal blogging “What is Blogging”.

Professional Blogging

This is done by those people who are proficient in blogging and they know that blogging is also an easy path to success, by which they can chase their own poverty behind and this is the reason that a professional blogger can never reach a website. It is not limited, it always keeps on becoming a different type of blog, some blogs are definitely successful and some of them prove to be useless, but this work never stops.

The number of days a Professional Blogger survives, he does not stop making a blog, because it is the nature of man that he never leaves the work in whatever he is interested in, that is why I say that anytime you have to do your work i.e. Karma should not be abandoned.

Earning money is not on everyone’s bus, for this many austerities have to be done.

How to become a Professional Blogger?

To become a professional blogger and to earn money from a blog, you will have to do some difficult tasks, which are not for everyone, if you have decided that you have to earn money from blogging become a professional blogger. So read the instructions given below carefully.

What is blogging


If you really want to do blogging and want to take it as your livelihood, then it is a challenge for you that you have to invest first, if you are going to start blogging by thinking that first. If you start with Mufti things and then invest by earning a little profit from it, then this is your biggest stupidity.

Intelligent people never lag behind investing or working hard, investing in the right place is also a sign of happy days to come, if you invest in blogging and make your blog bigger with diligence, then you will be in the coming days. You can definitely become a Professional Blogger.

Have patience!

Maintaining patience and waiting for the right time is the sign of a peace-loving person, if you do not have patience then you will not be able to complete any work, if you do not have patience then you start feeling lazy to do any work. Is.

And it is this laziness that makes a person walk on the wrong path, and this is probably the reason that today there are millions of views in YouTube with thousands of such shortcut videos, and people keep getting fooled by it, it is better. It is that you do some other work, and leave the dream of becoming a professional blogger.

Do not copy!

As we have told you that short roads always confuse the intellect of a person and do such a wrong thing, which leads to the destruction of human beings, and where we are talking about blogging, then it is a type. It has an online business by which any person can join and get unlimited money.

But today’s man is in a hurry and this is probably the reason that he wants to steal someone else’s work and go ahead, although it becomes possible at some places but then when this thing comes to know then his work It ends in a single stroke.

That’s why I say that never steal someone’s hard work, try to make your own work a different identity, and as I have already told in this article that achieving success is not so easy, it requires many austerities. Is.

Don’t be lazy!

Laziness prevents a person from doing any work and whether blogging or any work is not completed due to laziness and the work which you started with great expectation, it slowly starts to end. Laziness should not be adopted, always be updated in your blog.

Always keep learning!

Today’s people do not get to see love towards others, whom you consider as your student and are teaching everything to him with great love, the same student can give you dirty streets at any time and it should be with me too. has missed.

I have taught many people about blogging completely, but after some time when those students could not be successful in their work, then they started scolding me, now it happens because in today’s time human beings He has a desire to get everything very quickly, and he does not want to work hard for anything or have love for it.

People think of blogging as a means of earning only one piece, they do not understand that hard work is too much for any work, and if they do not succeed even after walking in a small way or on any wrong path, then that work Leave it and start adopting another new method.

But the person who accepts his every and tries to learn something from him and is always ready to learn, only that person can achieve success in his work. So always keep learning, this is a save and easy way for you to become a professional blogger.


In this article, we have tried to tell you what blogging is and how it should be done, keeping in view some aspects, and we hope that it will have taught you something new if you agree with us and you have to If you liked the article, then please tell us by commenting.

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