What and how do Affiliate Marketing

Friends, Earning money is an art and for this, it also takes a lot of hard work, money can be earned everywhere in today’s time, but Affiliate Marketing is such a way through which a person can earn money sitting at home online.

Now the problem is that people do not know what is affiliate marketing, so let us teach you today what is affiliate marketing and how to do it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What and how do Affiliate Marketing
What and how do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online working method by which the seller takes the help of another person to sell his material and that person reaches that material to the common people, in return, the seller pays some % to the middle person.

That is, suppose that you have a wholesale shop, but people do not know about your shop, so you seek help from a person for the promotion of your shop.

Now that person asks you for some money in return, like suppose the price of one of your sari is 1000rs and the middle person asks you 100rs to reach that sari to the people.

Now you agree with him on this and give 100rs on every sale, this is called affiliate marketing.

But affiliate marketing is only an online medium, if someone does it offline then it will be chain marketing, now you can read this article to know more about chain marketing.

If you still do not understand, then let us give you another online example.

Affiliate Marketing

As I have said that the seller comes first, so I have taken material as an example.

Content name Namecheap Hosting.

Namecheap is a hosting provider and it sells hosting through online, but its owner has also given facility for affiliate marketing.

So first of all I will see that how much money this company is giving me on every sale, as you can see in the picture the cost of one hosting is for 2000rs every year and they have promised me 300rs for selling it.

The price is right, so now I am ready to sell it, so now I will gather some people to sell Namecheap’s hosting .

  • But since this is an online medium, so I can sell it online only, for this I will need a website, so I will create a website and share good information about Namecheap.
  • Now my website has started reaching people and people are satisfied with the shared information and are buying from my given link.
  • The price is same but the people who are buying from me so Namecheap owner will pay me in return.

I hope that you have now understood what Affiliate Marketing is. So now let us know how to do Affiliate marketing, what material is required for this.

How to do Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online work system, so it can be done only through online medium, and to make it successful, it is very important that you have the support of people.

Now this question will come in your mind that we want to do Affiliate Marketing right now and we do not have any public then how will we do it?

So my dear friends, there is also an option for this, actually affiliate marketing can be done in different ways, and we are going to tell you about all of them further.

Step 1 Creating a Website

What and how do Affiliate Marketing
What and how do Affiliate Marketing

If you do not have any public opinion and you want to earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing, then you have to create a website.

Now after hearing this, do not go to those people from where a website can be made for free, in fact people in our India are maft khor, as soon as something is known about something, first of all people how to get it for free Start thinking about

Although work can be done in free things but it will not get support from people, where you will sell 10 items in a paid platform, it will be impossible to sell 1 item in free furniture.

Therefore, first of all make your own reliable website, for this you can use a platform like Namecheap.

In this platform you will get Domain and Hosting at a very cheap price. After buying Domain and Hosting, you can create your own Affiliate website.

To make a beautiful affiliate website, I suggest you to use Newspaper Theme , it will make your website responsive and beautiful too.

But just by decorating like a bride, your material is not going to be sold, for this you will have to work hard, because you do not have public opinion, so you have to share good and true information.

When people come to your website and read your article, they should also understand what exactly is the content you are selling.

If people like your article, then they will also buy your content and you will get profit from it.

Step 2 Facebook page

Facebook is a huge platform and millions of people spend time on it every day, and if you succeed in reaching them, your content will sell faster.

For this, you have to create a page or group, but just by creating a page or group, your work is not going to be done, you will also have to promote it to reach people, which will cost some money.

Now it comes again that people will say that we can’t do it for free, what the heck, here big companies spend crores of rupees to promote their products and they also fail.

Munna, you don’t get anything for free, it takes 10rs for a bottle of water, so leave this free trick and move towards success in life.

Step 3 Social platform “instagram, telegram, etc.

Like Facebook, there are many other such platforms from where millions of traffic can be received, Instagram is also very much discussed these days.

So if your content is for girls then you can use Instagram where most of the girls come to show their body daily and they also have to buy this content.

And as you know that girls mind is in their knees, so if you promote your stuff cleverly then you will have no problem and your stuff will sell fast.

You can do the same thing in Telegram as well, but Telegram is a different search engine in itself, and has countless uses here too.

Which platform is best?

See, in my opinion the website is the only platform where the effort is less, and the number of sales is more, although the cost is more here, but it will happen only once.

If you have that talent, if you can explain to people through your article “Jo Sabki Bas Ki Baat Nahi Jai” then you will definitely reach the height of success.


Yes, I know that I have used some harsh words in this article, but I have told the truth, if you do not like that truth, then you have no work here, you can run away and if you like this article So you can also share with your other friends.

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