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Mobile se paise kaise kamaye | Best 10 Ways

Hello friends, welcome to another article and today we are going to deal with you that mobile se paise Kaise kamaye , now many students or girls have this question in their mind that how to earn money from mobile without going anywhere Because there is a shortage of money in our India, that is why piracy is highest in our India, and students are involved in such wrong work from where it becomes difficult to get out, we have done some research in the last few articles like SAMS Odisha, Dharani, Paymanager, etc. were discussed and tried to alert you.

If you still have not got the answer to this question Mobile se paise Kaise kamaye? So today’s article is only for you, in today’s article we are going to tell you how a simple person can earn money from his mobile, hope you are going to like it.

Beginning of mobile se paise kaise kamaye information:

Earn money by playing games.

Friends, today’s young generation has become so attracted towards the game that they cannot survive without mobile for even a moment, and every game also provides a different experience in itself, but do you know that you can play the game. Can tax also reduce money?

There are many such games available, which if you play then you get money in return for it, but it cannot give enough money that you can run your house with it, it is only for those people who only want to remove their expenses.

Especially if you are a student or a student, you can earn a lot of money using your mobile by playing games, but it demands time, to earn money by playing any game, you have to spend a lot of time, if you have time. So you must do this and start earning money.

Earn money from Youtube.

YoTube is the single biggest video sharing platform in today’s time, where millions of people have changed their lives, thousands of people have got a new identity, some of them you must also know, and this works. You can also.

There is nothing wrong with showing your face in front of others and earning money from it, if you have art, you like it, you have a passion to do something, then YouTube will definitely make you worthwhile, but there are some people who only do some content. Trying to take wrong advantage of the information by reading it.

They do not want to work hard by stealing others’ videos, they understand that they are going to benefit from it, but this is not true, if you also think that you can become famous by copying someone else’s video. So, this is your blunder.Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

YouTube can only be successful for those who have to work hard, and who have the art, so if you are thinking of making money online and running your home too, then this is the only way you can walk.

Create Blog Mobile Se Paise Kamaye:

Mobile se paise kaise kamaye
Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

All of you must have searched something or the other on the internet or Google, and there will be many grandchildren in front of you who will answer your question, like our website ” Guide Class ” but have you ever thought about it? How do all these platforms work?

Have you ever noticed that all the websites appearing on the internet are earning millions, if you have not thought about it then now you should think about it, Blog is such a way that you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month. But it takes time, if you have a wealth of information, if you have patience, then this is the best way to create a blog and share those information in your blog and reach people.

But even in this work, people do not hold back from making mistakes and miserliness. People first want to create their website or blog for free and see what the result is, so they do not see any special benefit, then they leave that work and run away.

But there are some people who have the knowledge that what they are doing is right and success can be achieved only in that, then they invest and make their work more attractive.

If you also want to earn money from blogging, then this is a golden opportunity for you, but you will have to invest in it, and you can also do this work from mobile.Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

Earn money by trading on Upstox

Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

This is also a good way by which you can earn money from mobile, to know the answer to this question online trading application like Upstox is located, where you can invest crores of rupees by investing in trading.

And this will be a very easy way to earn money online, applications like Upstox are also available on the internet, they can also be used.

All you have to do is install this application from your mobile and open your account and start investing in it.

But keep in mind that you have a good knowledge of trading, if it is not so, then keep distance from this work, it can drown you.Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

Online trading is only for those who have good knowledge of the stock market, and it is also for those who are eager to invest.

earn money from instagram

Instagram is also such a social platform where all the people are present today, in today’s time Instagram is also in the form of the largest social network where all the people from all over the world have their account open.

And if you have an account here and you have the support of people, then you can earn millions from Instagram, and for this you do not have to do any kind of investment.Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

You just have to make your photos or some videos in Instagram, if people like you, then big companies will reach you to promote, from which you can earn a lot of money.

But we have seen that women achieve more success on Instagram than men because they are beautiful and the center of attraction to people.

This shows what lust can do to people, whatever it may be, Instagram is also a very good option to earn money from mobile online.Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

earn money using telegram

Like Instagram, Telegram is also a very big social platform where people can talk to each other in a direct way, it is a world where every wrong thing and every right thing is done, and that is why Google also supports Telegram in a direct way. Doesn’t give oxygen.

But there is also a crowd of crores in Telegram, if one wants to download a new movie, then it will be found in Telegram, if any other work like listening to news, jokes, watching porn videos etc., etc.

That’s why Telegram is also a very big network, and here you can also create a channel from your mobile, and then you can earn money by sending your users to any website or anywhere else.

But the problem is that it is very difficult to popularize a new channel in Telegram and it takes a lot of time.

To avoid such a problem, you can buy a user, which you can get through an SMM panel .Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

Make money by selling photos.

In today’s time HD photo is required by every company, and that is the reason, it uses in millions of website like Pixaby.

And every photo also has a price, if you have a mobile with a good camera, then you can take better photos from it.

And then by editing those photos, which you can do from any mobile application, you can open an account on photoselling websites like Shutterstock for free, and sell your photos.

Keep in mind that the photo you are taking should be good and attractive, if it does not happen then no one will buy your photo, for this you should learn photo kitchen.

YouTube is a good medium to learn something, after learning you can start your work.

Earn money with AdSense .

Note: This is not for any wrong work nor any wrong work is done in it.

As I have said earlier that you can earn money from your website, in the same way AdSense is a composite of Google which is free.

And you can take this permission in your website or YouTube channel, and you can earn a lot of money from it.

AdSense pays the highest among all the online promotion websites out there, and it can be availed in any platform.Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

Whether you create a website or open a YouTube channel or create an application, AdSense can be used everywhere, and money can be made from mobile.

Make money selling content

Mobile se paise kaise kamaye
Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing, if you have not heard, then let us tell you that this is a work that can be done for free.

By selling other person’s material, you can make very good money from it, and for this no material of any kind is required.

You just open your account in any famous platform and start selling their content, when someone buys the lyrical content shared by you tab, in return you will get money.

But it is not as simple as you understand, some platforms will not allow you to open an account if you do not have a website.

So to do affiliate marketing properly, create your own personal website, and share the materials with complete information.

Earn money from referrals

Mobile se paise kaise kamaye
Mobile se paise kaise kamaye

There are many mobile applications that invest in promoting their app, and one of these promotions is that if you add your friends or family members to that app, then in return that application will pay you.

And trust this is the best way to earn money, because you do not have to invest anything here and you do not have to do any separate work, just tell your friends to install the application from the link shared by you. Just do it and you will get money in return.

But the problem is that fraud has increased in today’s time, everyone is in the forefront to cheat nowadays, so there are some applicants who do their work but do not give money, do not use such useless applications. Do, always take your step towards a reliable source.

There are many applications available in Refer and Earn, some of which we have given information, such as Paytm, MPL, Dream11, etc.Mobile se paise kaise kamaye


Apart from this, there are many other ways by which you can earn money from mobile, but be careful about fraud, do not indulge in any such work which will put you in trouble going forward.

What did we learn today?

Today, through this article, we learned that how to earn money online using mobile, if you are all student and want to get comfort from your daily expenses, then you can do any one of these tasks.

Friends, we have shared information about only few things in this article, if you are not satisfied with it then you can inform by contacting us, and if you liked this article then do share it with your friends. Thank you



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