How to run a Computer | What is the working system of a computer – 2022

Perhaps this question must have come in your mind at some point that what is the right How to run a Computer r, and if you are a student and have just heard about the computer, then it fills your mind even more curiosity. What is this computer after all? Before that, if you have not read our old article, then these are some “Encryption Meaning, How To Earn Money” about which you can get information.

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How to run a Computer  | What is the working system of a computer
How to run a Computer | What is the working system of a computer

what is Computer?

First of all, let us know what is computer anda what is the definition of computer, because without knowing this, you cannot understand How to run a Computer also properly, so let’s first know what is computer?

Computer is an English word which is named as Compute , it means to calculate , that is, to count, whatever work is given to the computer by a person, it gives the correct result by calculating it, this is what is called computer.

This computer has different parts and each part is made to perform a different task, for more information about it, let us know about some major parts of the computer.

Major parts of the computer

It is actually divided into 2 parts, one is the inner part i.e. all the material inside and the other is the out put part means the outside material.

Internal part: Under RAM, Motherboard, SMPS, HDD, SSD, Graphics card, etc., it is the necessary part to do all the calculations.

How to run a Computer  | What is the working system of a computer
How to run a Computer | What is the working system of a computer


RAM is what makes the computer work faster, that is, the more RAM your computer has, the faster your computer will be able to work, it can be said that it is a computer part that functions like a human brain. does.


It is a mat on which all the parts are placed, on top of this plate all the parts are connected, so it is called Motherboard and this is the part without which a computer is only a toy, on top of it all the parts of a computer. The important part has been added, because there are thousands of parts in a computer and if all of them are connected through wire, it will wake up very big, so to make it small and understandable, wires are laid on top of a plate and Then all the parts are told in their respective places.


This is the brain of the computer, where all the work done by you is located, whatever work you do, even if it is only one image, it is also located in it, whatever software or file you create or When you install, it is stored in all HDD / SSD, so it is also called memory card, but only one of the two HDD / SSD can be used in a computer.

It depends on your computer company, which memory they use, SSD works faster than HDD and its cost is also higher.

Graphics card

If you play a game in a computer, then it cannot work without a graphics card, the graphics card is also like a memory, which helps in understanding the material being processed separately and working faster, if If a computer does not have a graphics card, then it takes more time to complete the hard work like game or any other work like video editing and this makes your computer very hot.

External part: Under the material that you see outside such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer etc. It also plays an important role, even without them the computer cannot be complete, it is the material that helps the computer to share or extract the result of its calculations.

Let us know which tool helps in doing work.

How to run a Computer  | What is the working system of a computer
How to run a Computer | What is the working system of a computer

1. Keyboard

Keyboard looks like a simple device and its cost is also very low, but 99.9% of the work of the computer can be completed by using it.

After all, people use the keyboard only for typing, although a laptop also has its personal keyboard together, but it should not be damaged, so people use the keyboard separately.

You will start getting this keyboard at a starting price of Rs 299 in the market. 

BUY Keyboard

2. Mouse

Mouse is also a special part of the computer, without which the computer cannot run, this mouse is very small in appearance but its work is very big.

Without a mouse, it becomes very difficult to run the computer properly, although the computer can be run without it.

But with the help of the mouse, the task becomes quicker, the mouse is a pointing device with the help of which the cursor can be moved from one place to another.

The cost of a simple mouse starts from Rs 300 and is available in both wire and wireless categories.

3. UPS

If you live in any village in India then you will definitely have problem of electricity there and to avoid this UPS is required.

Due to the problem of bar current, the equipment of the computer gets damaged and due to this the computer gets damaged, so if you have UPS then you can avoid it.

UPS is a device that keeps on providing power to you for some time when it is necessary, it can save your work, suppose you are working and if the current goes at the right time, then that work gets destroyed, but UPS If so, it saves the current for some time, and at the same time, you can save your work and also shutdown your computer safely.

4. Monitor

This is a TV in which you can see the calculations of the computer and can also give instructions from it, although it is not seen in the TV in ancient times, but, in today’s TV, you can connect the computer and all those functions in it. which can be done in a monitor.

5. CPU

CPU (Central Processing Unit) It is also called the brain of the computer. All the processing of the computer is done by the CPU itself. No work of computer is possible without CPU. All devices are connected to CPU, How to run a Computer .

How does computer work?

The working system of the computer is simple after that which is also very easy to understand, you can understand it in a small word that we get the result after processing the work we give.

If you understand in detail, it is something like this.

Input (Input) + Processing (Processing) = Output (Result)

Don’t understand? Let’s make it even easier, please read below.

Input: It means the instruction given by a person, now this instruction can be anything, if you transfer any file from your computer to another computer then that is also an instruction and this is called Input Is.

Processing: It means to calculate which you are giving any instruction, to reach the correct result, it is called calculation or processing, which a computer can do well.

Output: This means the result, that is, the result, when you have instructed a computer to transfer a file to another computer, then to transfer it to another computer after doing that calculation is called Output, and by this the compute task is completed. Is.

Understanding in simple language, understanding an instruction and calculating it and extracting its result is called computer, and this is the working system of the computer.

Why is it important to learn to operate a computer?

This is necessary because in today’s time everything is being done through online, even the brooms of the house are being bought from online. How to run a Computer

People do all their work online and every work cannot be completed without a computer, even if you want a simple job in today’s time, you will still need a computer, without it no work can be completed.

Computers have been included in every office, every work field, school, dispensary, even some work at home and in such a situation it has become very necessary for a person to learn computer.

In ancient times, people used to use paper and pen to add any number or result, but in today’s time it is not so, the world has changed, and computing technology is used to do every task.

So if you have not learned computer then you will be one step behind others, you must learn it.

But for a novice computer is a very big word and for them it is a very difficult task, but in reality it is very simple, let us teach you that How to run a Computer?

how to run computer

To run the computer, you should have some simple information like recognizing English words and knowing their meanings, it is not necessary that you have complete English language, even if you know a little bit of English, it will work.

After this, you should also have information about all the pages and files, otherwise you can harm the computer.

Some simple software like Word, Excel office , should also have a little knowledge about them, otherwise you will not be able to use the computer properly.

If you have information about video editing, then it will be pleasant to hear.

And just now you have to use 2 tools at the right time, like if you want to write something, the keyboard is available for this, and if you want to select some material, then the mouse is available for this, with the coordination of these two tools, you can control the computer at your behest. Can dance.

Nevertheless, if you are completely new in this, then we have given some important glimpses for you below, you can master the computer by reading them.

how to turn on computer

  • First you have to press the Power button, if you have a laptop then it also has a power button, but both the monitor and CPU have to be turned on in the computer.
  • After pressing the Power button, your computer will start booting and your computer will open in a short time.
  • Now you have to enter your password, if the password is not entered in your computer, then it will open automatically and anyone can use it.
  • But keeping the password is more holes and now you have to enter the password and open your computer.
  • In this way your computer will start. (How to run a Computer )

How to Switch off / Shut down Computer

It is also very simple, you just have to remember things, and we have given below methods to shut down or shut down any computer.

  • First of all, you have to press the Window button, you can do this with your mouse or you can also do it with your keyboard. (Most people do it from the keyboard because a separate window button is given in it.)
  • After pressing the Window button, now you will see the Shut down option.
  • By clicking on it, the computer will shut down automatically.

How to Uninstall Software in Computer?

The way to install and uninstall software in any computer is the same, so let us tell you how you uninstall any software.

  • First of all, you have to search Control Panel on your computer.
  • And now you have to click on Uninstall program.
  • Now all the software which you have installed or default installed will be shown in your table.
  • Click on any software you want to uninstall and start the uninstall process.
  • Uninstalling some software becomes very difficult and such software is downloaded from an illegal source, to uninstall them, you have to delete their file.

Apart from this, there is some saving involved in operating a computer such as sending email, using Microsoft word office, running the Internet and watching videos from YouTube, and you can do all these things very easily, just you have to devote yourself to learning. Will have to do

All the information is given to you in the video below, please watch the video carefully. to run a computer, How to run a Computer

How to run a computer? (Learn simple way)

Learn from Youtube.

YouTube is a very big platform and every information is available here, as well as information about How to run a Computer is also available.

If you want to learn the right way, then watch the video of such a channel which is trustworthy, do not watch the videos of such people who make videos by looking at the arrows.

Learn from Google.

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