How to Create Website? Best tips in 2022

If you think that it is very easy to create a website or become famous or earn from that website and it is not going to take time, then you are wrong, if you have entered the new blogging world, then you will face many problems. First of all, the problem is How to Create Website?

If you want to make a good website, if you really want to do blogging and want to earn money from it, then you have to keep in mind that you have not learned anything yet, whatever you were taught in school is now yours. It’s not going to work.

And here like a newborn baby, you have to learn everything again without boasting, if you want to learn How to Create Website then today’s article is for you, hope you like it and you will be able to learn something from it So friends, without wasting any time let’s start.

What is a Website?

How to Create Website
How to Create Website

Before creating a website, you should know what is a website and what is the difference between a website and a blog, if you understand this, then you will also know How to Create Website is, then first of all let’s talk about what website is. hi.

Website means a platform where everything is available like if you want to buy something, then you can do it through online website, if you want to see the result of your exam then you can also do it through website, in the world You can get everything available through the website.

And this website can be in any design and the creator of it is called a web developer, a web developer should also have good knowledge of coding means Html , Css , etc., only then it is evidence to create any kind of website.

You must have also used many such websites in your personal life, about which you have only limited information, such as Amazon, or any kind of government website, all these are a kind of website, which cost a lot to make and also work hard. have to do.

But blog does not require so much information, if you just have to create a blog where you can share only information, then it is very easy that any person can learn it in a few days and you will get any kind of information. Coding information is also not required.

And for the new people who are just stepping into the world of blogging, it would be right to use a blog in the initial days, for a good blog, you will have to spend both hard work and money, if you can do this then your Blog can leave behind even a sixty-sixth website.

There is not much difference between a blog and a website, some things are more available in the website, some features are seen more and in a blog only information is available and nothing else.

How to Create Website?

To create any kind of website, first of all some things will be required, which I have mentioned below.

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Theme.
  • Computer.

Buy Hosting.

The best hosting can show you a better feat, although in today’s time all the hosting companies press to provide better service, but there are some companies who make people their seekers only to loot money, fraudulent people are present in every platform. And you should be chatting with them.

So ignore such hosting which provides you the cheapest service because such service puts you in troubles and your hard work gets completely ruined, and as I have told earlier that both hard work and money together. If you can bring success, then you should also adopt the same thing in your life.

Buy domain.

Even today, many people want to move ahead by working only with free domains, but they still do not understand that free things have no value. Gives when it is needed the most.

And in our India, free things are liked the most, people do not motivate their children to go ahead themselves to do something, but if any baba says that he can tell the future, then it is ready to loot millions at his feet. mother father.

This is just a blind belief or it is a poor thinking of people, I could not decide this till today but I understand so much that free things can never be the first step of success and our parents also like themselves. Likes to get it done where money is available every day for food.

But if you want to leave behind all of them, then you have to decide for yourself that which is the right direction for you and you will have to move ahead with your own money, do not spread your hands in front of parents, deposit money by yourself and Buy domain.

Any domain extension can give a different identity to your website, so here you buy a domain according to your status, every domain extension is a TLD (Top lable domain).

Like .xyz .edu, .in .com .net .org .id .de .online .App .store .website You can buy any such domain and every domain works in the same way, Google also includes Doesn’t make any distinction.

Note: Now after buying Domain and Hosting, you should get information about some things like if you want to work in Jish category, how people have made their website there, what kind of article do they write. Theme is being used the most, it is not like you start building a website directly, you have to first acquire the information and then start your work, it may take some time but learning never stops. Shouldn’t be.

How to build a website?

There are many ways to create any website and there are many platforms too, but the most famous platform is WordPress and Blogger and we are going to teach you How to Create Website in both the platform, learn carefully.

How to Create Website in wordpress?

WordPress is an open source CMS platform where a simple blog or simple website performs easily and on a large scale and the best thing about WordPress is that it is very easy to manage the website here, as well as things like SEO. Can be done very easily.

To create a website on WordPress, you first have to install it in your domain and for this you have to connect your domain with hosting, now you can know from this article how to do it.[How to Create Website]

  • Connect the domain to the hosting.
  • After this you have to install WordPress, you can do this from your hosting’s Softaclouse Installer or Auto Installer, if your hosting does not allow it, then you can also install WordPress directly.
  • After installing WordPress, now you have to install the theme, you can use any theme but we recommend to use Generate Press , Astra Pro (for Blog website) News paper theme (for News website).
  • After installing the theme, now you need some plugins whose list we have given below ( Yost SEO , Contact 7 , Easy table content , Wp rocket , Insert header and footer and any favorite page builder)
  • After doing all this, you have to start making the website, now we cannot tell you through this article, that is why we have made a video which you can easily learn by watching.

Note: People have different protests to create any website or page and we respect their thinking, that’s why it is absolutely wrong to say that there is only one way to create any page, people think about their website. and every single page is enabled on the Internet.

How to Create Website in blogger?

Blog Can grow, to know how to banaye website in, we have told below.

  • First, you have to create a free blog on the blogger platform with the help of your e-mail, now anyone can name this blog up, it is a free domain that Google provides to you.
  • After this you have to connect your domain to it, to do this you can read this article.
    • You have different methods to connect any domain to Blogger, but we like Cloudflare ‘s method and it gets the job done very fast, first of all you have to go to your domain platform and copy your domain to Cloudflare Now, Cloudflare will provide you 2 name servers, which you can put in the DNS of your domain.
    • After this you have to connect 4 IPs of Blogger with Cloudflare, to do this you can see the image below.
How to Create Website
How to Create Website
  • After connecting the domain to your blogger website, now you have to install the theme, (if you are using blogger then you do not buy any kind of theme or any things, it will be a waste of money, many themes are free Which you can also use in your blog).
  • After installing the theme, there is no other work left that you can do to make a website in Blogger, yes you can start writing now and some things like indexing or how to write articles, you can do these things in your website. And you can reach your website to the people.

Note: is a free platform where only new people or those people who are short of money use it, and it is only right for learning but if you want to become a pro blogger then you should not use it. You should invest in the right place.

Creating a website is not so easy, it is never limited, the better your imagination is, the better your website will be, those with distorted thinking give useless designs to their website, due to which people also run away due to fear.[How to Create Website]

Related Questions

How to make free website on google?

To create a free website on Google, you can use, which is absolutely free and very simple way, you can also use any platform like WordPress or Wix, or any other platform and on Google You can create a free website but the easiest way is

What should be the first thing to make a website?

How to Create Website
How to Create Website

To create a website, first of all, you should specify its niche, you should also know for whom you are making a website, meaning what will you share in your website, do you want to reach people, if you know this then you are a great You can create a website, but you also have to keep in mind that it takes both effort and money to build a website and you cannot ignore it.

When and by whom was the first website created?

The first website i.e. World Wide Web (WWW) was created by Tim Berners-Lee in the 1980s. It is basically a system of internet servers that supports specially formatted documents, how wonderful that there is no one from our India which is the most skunky in terms of technology, and if there is any He sells himself which is a sad news for us Indians.

What to write on website?

It is up to you to decide what you want to write in your website, as I have told you that you should know that you want to make your website in Niche, so if you know Niche, then you can write about it in the website. You can write, now do not think that people will like your article or not, do not hesitate to write and keep learning always.

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A good website is the one that attracts people to you, talks with them, if you really want to make a good website, then you should learn this first and as I have said, learning should never stop in every part of the world. The world is alive through education and the teacher is always like a god, the one who respects it, he achieves success in life, with this we cess this article and see us in the next article till then order us. Thank you.

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