Encryption meaning || What is Encryption? 2022

Encryption meaning: Friends, there are so many secrets in this world of ours, which are very difficult to understand, although in today’s time humans have veiled some secrets and innumerable techniques have arisen, such technical knowledge and skills have become available. Which are impossible for an ordinary person to understand.

That’s why we have created this website where you keep getting different information like How To Earn Money From Home, etc. If you also have this question in your mind that what is Encryption then today this article is for you only.

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Encryption meaning?

What is Encryption
What is Encryption

If you are an internet utility, you must have used many websites, adopted some online money-sending methods, or even used an online application to view the amount deposited in your bank account.

But do you know how all these things work, why no other person can take your bank account money, why no one else can steal your information?

Because the Internet belongs to everyone and many people use the same network, then why your information does not reach another person.

We know that this question may never have come in your mind, but all these works are safe only through Encryption, if a palace does not have a safe door then it becomes very easy to break that door.

And no personal gate can be made on the Internet, it is everywhere, and everyone can use the Internet, so there is the most possibility of information being stolen the online itself.

And that’s why encryption has been created which is an online secure door and its key, it is a method through which any information is encapsulated into a secret code so that no one can know about it. And in some places it is just used to hide personal information.

No ordinary person and no computer will be able to understand the information changed through Encryption meaning and the information which has been kept secret will remain secret, that’s why all the work being done online in today’s time is there. The encryption method is most commonly used.

In technical language, Encryption is called Ciphertext, and Unencrypted data means unsecured information is called Plaintext. Therefore, if understood in simple language, Encryption is a process by which insecure information is converted into secure information.

Where is encryption used?

Although it has no limited use, it is used on every material located online which is secure, but there are some special occasions where it becomes necessary to use Encryption, otherwise, the problem is attached.

So let us tell you where Encryption is used in particular, first of all it is used in the website, if you are using a social platform like Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram, then you have to see Encryption data there. Whether it is an App or a Website, if it is secure, then it is natural to use Encryption there, and if you are a web developer then you must know that SSL is required to create a website, SSL . Encryption is.

Apart from this, when you withdraw money from ATM also, SSL ie Encryption4 is also used so that your bank account information cannot be detected by any other person. And the capital deposited in your account should be safe, and even when you do transactions through any online application, encryption is also used there.

Email is also protected with encryption in a way so that no one else can find it, if it does not happen then crores of billions of money can be stolen, millions of rupees are exchanged in bank account or other platform like Adsense3, And this is possible only through your email, so email is also secured by encryption.

Apart from this, encryption is also used in some big file management platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega Storage, etc., so that no one else can see the content you send.

Functions of Encryption?

What is Encryption
What is Encryption

To encrypt any information, that is, to secure it, using different types of algorithms, it is divided in such a way that that information is not located in any one place.

Algorithms from different places together complete one information and that is data encryption. And it is also of different types, each type works in a different way.

Types of encryption.

It is mainly of two types, one is Symmetric Encryption and the other is Asymmetric Encryption, so let us now tell you about these two, which will make it easier to understand.

What is Encryption
What is Encryption

What is Symmetric Encryption?

In symmetric encryption, only one key is used for both data encryption and decryption. In this method, decryption is also done with the same key through which encryption is done. This means that the sender also has to share the information of his key with the receiver. And all this happens without knowledge.

Symmetric encryption problem

The biggest weakness in this scheme is that the key information is also shared between the sender and the receiver.

And in such a situation, if a wrong person finds out this key, then he can not only read the information, and he can also give new information to the receiver or sender using the correct key.

And in such a situation, if you have shared such information, then it can change the birth.

What is Asymmetric Encryption?

Asymmetric encryption is also called public key encryption. In this, not one but two different keys are used. One key is called the public key which is used for encryption and the other key is called the private key from which decryption is done.

These keys are different but mathematically related to each other. Here both the Sender and the Receiver have their own public and private keys.

For example, if Ram wants to send an encrypted message to Mohan, Ram will first encrypt the message using Mohan’s public key and send it. On receiving the message, Mohan will decrypt it with his private key.

For this reason, asymmetric cryptography is used in many protocols such as: HTTPS , FTPS etc.

What we learned today:

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